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The Truth About Lent

Although Lent has just begun there may have already been times where you’ve broken your fast or forgotten that it was Friday and eaten a delicious burger. Does this mean that your Lent is already ruined and that you should give up?

Certified catechist Tim Becker explained that Lent isn’t a time that is about being perfect but rather learning to discipline ourselves a little bit more each day. He explained that each year Lent will get better as you grow in virtue and self-denial.

“Lent is a lifetime journey, it’ll happen every year,” Becker said.

This means that your Lent is not ruined if you have made a mistake, it just means that it’s time to return to the Father and start again. If you are having trouble committing to one of your Lenten observances it may be worth asking yourself if you are truly doing what God wants from you during this season.

Especially with prayer and almsgiving, it’s important to consider how these can realistically work with your vocation. Eve Vanden Heuvel Benedictine College student, Catholic speaker, and lifestyle brand owner said that almsgiving and prayer are different ways of reminding us that our life is meant to be a gift to others just as Christ was a gift to us.

It is easy for all the prayers to quickly become another task on a checklist if the devotions aren’t prayerfully considered.

“Don’t be overwhelmed with all of the different things out there, pick one,” Becker said.

Ultimately, Lent is about growing in love and intimacy with Christ. It helps us prepare for the celebration of Easter by teaching us the dryness of fasting so that we might experience even greater joy when we get to feast again.

Remembering Christ during the rest of these 40 days will help us find the fortitude to finish Lent with joy and dedication.

“By denying ourselves we realize our need for Christ,” Vanden Heuvel said.


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