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Top 5 Favorite Drinks at O’Malley’s Pub

O’Malley’s Irish Pub is a perfect spot to stop for a cold drink. Whether you are looking for
something to do on the weekend with friends, or passing through Weston on a trip, O’Malley’s has something for everyone.

Located in the cellar of the Weston Brewing Company at 540 Welt St in Weston, O’Malley’s has various original drinks that are popular with the regulars and new-comers. O’Malley’s is charming with its heavily decorated walls and Irish pride feel. Its drink menu is stacked with unique drink combinations that are sure to satisfy most. The pub makes many
drinks to choose from so I decided to dig deeper into O’Malley’s and find out the top 5 best

Bartender, John A Sholey explained what most customers like to order on a typical busy night.

“I would say the Cream Ale which is a nice sweet Ale, it is the most popular out of everything we sell,” Sholey said.

Sholey said that the Cream Ale and the Royal Lager, both on tap, are the top best sellers. These brews are light and clean, giving customers a “taste of Weston” with each sip. The Cream Ale is known as “the brew that started it all” because it was one of the first ale’s to be produced by the company in the 19th Century.

Sholey spoke about the other drinks that hold places 3-5 on the ranking scale. “A couple of our Irish drinks would get place 3 and 4, a Bailey’s Comet and an Irish root beer,” he said.

A Bailey’s Comet is made with Irish cream, coffee liqueur and vodka. Meanwhile, the Irish root beer is made with Irish whiskey, Irish cream, coffee liqueur, and Row Hard root beer. These drinks are popular because they pay homage to the Irish roots and history of the pub in which customers like to celebrate.

Sholey said that No. 5 on the list goes to all the regular liquor drinks or the most common drinks you would find on any bar menu. For instance, vodka tonics, gin and tonics, whiskey sours or any other variations of liquor and mixers are always popular.

My favorite drink at O’Malley’s is the Snake Bite. This drink is a half and half mixture of the
Royal Lager and Magner’s cider. The Snake Bite has the perfect bitter to sweet ratio making it easy to drink and leaving me feeling refreshed. It is also very light and airy, not too hoppy and has a hint of creaminess to it.
A server at O’Malley’s, Jane Whelan, spoke about her favorite drink on the menu. “My
go-to-drink at O’Malley’s has always been an original Guinness, but once I started working here the staff introduced me to the Cream Ale which is now one of my favorites,” she said.

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