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Blake Dapkus Named Special Teams Player of the Week  

After blocking two punts in the same game, Blake Dapkus garnered recognition from the Heart of America Football Conference as Special Teams Player of the Week.  

 “The three years of hard work I’ve put in with my team have been worth it. According to the stats we received during this bye week, we are number one in blocked kicks so far this season,” Dapkus said. 

 Blake’s brother, Brady, said demonstrating character on and off the field is what he does best.  

“He has a massive impact just being a role model on and off the field. He has a very big impact on me just being my brother but also encourages me to get better and to work harder by seeing his work ethic,” Brady Dapkus said. 

After pinning down the Culver-Stockton Wildcats with one of his blocked punts, the Ravens scored on a fifteen-yard touchdown pass. 

“As long as a block call is made, one person must get to the punter and block the punter. It just happened to be me twice that week against Culver,” Blake Dapkus said. 

Through watching film of the games, team dinners, and practices, Dapkus said the team develops each player to their fullest extent. 

 “We train as a team during the summer. Working on conditioning, speed, and agility drills have shown a lot this season,” said Dupkas. 

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