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Gerald Dickens to Teach Master Class on Wednesday

Gerald Dickens, an actor and great-great-grandson of Charles Dickens, will be a featured guest via Zoom for Professor Michael Throop’s Art of Presenting Class. Dickens is a theatre performer and has performed for audiences for over 30 years. His signature performance every year is his version of “A Christmas Carol,” where he performs a one-man show across the United States playing 30 characters using vocal and physical talents. The actor said that he is the happiest onstage in front of an audience – a place he can combine honoring his great-great grandfather’s work as well as acting in one-person plays.  

“My passion has been theatre since the age of nine,” Dickens said. 

Dicken’s class presentation will be on Wednesday, October 4, from 11:00 a.m. to noon, at the Ferrell Academic Center McAllister Board Room. Throop believes this is an opportunity not just open to students in his class but also anyone who desires to learn about what Dickens has experienced in his many years of mastering his craft.  

 Dickens encourages everyone to take part in this discussion.  

 “The ability to present, whether it is giving a business presentation in front of colleagues, a lecture, or a theatre show is extraordinary,” Dickens said.  

 “The emotional state, mental preparation, confidence levels, and the practicality of the creation of the material itself is very important. The class [discussion] will be a collection of everything I have learned and observed over my years as a performer,” Dickens said.  

For more information, contact mthroop@benedictine.edu or visit GeraldDickens.com for more information about his touring dates for future performances.  


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