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Politics Will Not Wait for You to Graduate  

Recently, students from the Benedictine College chapter of the Young Americans for Freedom gathered on a warm Sunday morning near the “B” to place 2,977 America flags—one for everyone who died in the Sept. 11 attacks more than two decades ago.  

Alison Simpson, a sophomore and co-founder of the Young Americans club, says she hopes the flags will remind students of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  

“Most of my peers weren’t alive during Sept. 11, except for maybe a few seniors,” Simpson said. 

“It’s so important for our generation not to forget the tragedy of that day. This project is a way for us to honor their lives, even if all we can do is imagine what that day was like,” she said.  

 Simpson’s chapter is one of many Young Americans for Freedom chapters nationwide who annually participate in the 9/11 project to raise awareness against terrorist attacks.   

The Young America’s Foundation supports Young Americans for Freedom clubs on campuses to promote conservative ideals. Their website explains their support for young conservatives through their 60 years of experience and outreach on college campuses.  

The newly established club seeks to inform young citizens of America and create a safe space for students to discuss political issues and prepare them for politics outside of Benedictine College.   

Simpson admits feeling discouraged at first and questioning the fruitfulness this club could have on a mainly conservative campus but knew the benefits outweighed the risks.  

“It’s the same reason that Catholic colleges need Catholic ministry on campus – it keeps people informed,” she said.  

The club meets every other Monday at 7p.m. in the Ferrell Academic Center and is planning on hosting faculty talks on different aspects of American politics and relevant topics like freedom of religion.   

Kevin Vance, the director of the Center for Constitutional Liberty, said it is important for students to understand Catholic social doctrine and how it relates to politics in order to make their own contributions.  

“We have an obligation to fellow citizens to inform ourselves about important issues in light of the common good, informed by the teachings of the Church and act freely, prudently, and responsibly in light of those things,” Vance said.   

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