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A Sneak-Peek: Florence Study Abroad Program

For more than a decade, hundreds of students have experienced the beautiful landscapes and culture of Italy. Once again, next spring semester a group of students will study abroad to Florence to fulfill their language credit requirements and gain exposure to international travel. They will learn about the Catholic and Benedictine roots of Western Civilization. 

 Daniel Musso, the Director of Study Abroad oversees the program and encourages students to take part in international education opportunities.  

“There are tons of good reasons for studying abroad. It broadens your horizons, allowing you to learn more about the world and yourself as you step out of your comfort zone. Our program also emphasizes community, so students don’t miss any of the aspects that make Benedictine their home,” Musso said. 

 From January 29 to April 16, students will live in Villa Morghen, a modest hotel bed and breakfast in the quiet town of Settignano, a few miles from Florence. Before, the Villa was used as a Benedictine monastery many years prior to its permanent fixture. Students will earn 15 credits of classes studying Italian, history and a philosophy course taught by Professor Edward Macierowski. Outside of classes, students will travel to various parts of the country to explore numerous historical and religious sites such as Rome, Montecasino, Subiaco, Assisi, Perugia, Siena, and Monte Oliveto.  

Pietro Grillo, the Florence program events coordinator, said, “I hope they [students] can see many aspects of Italy such as many of the churches, monuments, small towns, historical sites, famous works of art, and the nature, which is filled with wonderful mountains, oceans, and lakes. The diversity of Italian regional food is also an important part of the culture. It is very impressive to see how a small country like Italy has this much variety.”  

Several tours will be provided. Students will also have free time to explore the country. The primary goal throughout the trip is to teach students how to become fully immersed in the culture as a pilgrim instead of visiting it from the eyes of a tourist. Everyone in fellowship will be encouraged to use the material they have learned from classes.  

More information for the applications, fees, and more can be found at https://www.benedictine.edu/academics/international/study-abroad/florence/index. 

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