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The legacy of future NASCAR hall of famer Kevin Harvick since his retirement this year

This year, future NASCAR hall of famer Kevin Harvick decided to retire from NASCAR racing after the 2023 Cup Series Season at the age of 47. Most consider Harvick to be an all time great in motorsports and a future hall of famer.

He has recorded 60 cup series wins and 1 career cup series championship.

According to his friend, former teammate, Tony Stewart, Kevin was a talented driver with a fiery attitude, and a family man. This retirement shows a transition from the old guard to the new guard in NASCAR especially in the Cup Series.

Kevin Harvick got his start in the cup series in 2001 after he was called to fill in for Dale Earnhardt Sr. in the 29 car at Richard Childress Racing after the Dale Sr. past away in the infamous deadly crash that spared the life of Dale Sr  at the 2001 Daytona 500. Dale Sr. drove the number 3 car but they changed the number to 29 when Harvick came to drive it to honor Dale Sr after his sad passing.

Kevin Harvick has  had a legendary career and I always respected the driver and the man he was on and off the track. I will miss watching him after the 2023 season. He was a tremendous competitor and I always had a soft spot for him because of how he mentored one of my favorite drivers of all time which is Clint Bowyer. Thanks for everything Kevin Harvick and all the memories you made.

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