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The convergence of faith and journalism in the modern age and how Benedictine College media organization is bringing it to the forefront

In the time of Christ and still today, the Catholic faith and the written word have been converging together. From the Bible to the Catechism and even Catholic news sites like EWTN and now Benedictine College Media have all been brought to people through the written word.

Angelica Nelson, creative marketing and media coordinator at the college, when asked. about what is unique about the site said, “I think it’s unique that a higher education institution is producing this type of content. There are a lot of great minds here. It’s great that we can share the knowledge that they have with others.”

What also appealed to her about the media site is the Marketing strategy side and how the college can be put in the best spot to share the mission of transforming culture in America with outside audiences. Photographing different people and events is interesting and uses the tools of new media to share the mission of the college.

Professor Tom Hoopes and Nathan Pickman have been huge parts of the rise in Catholic based journalism here at Benedictine College when they started Benedictine College Media. BC Media also is something students and professors at the college can help with if they apply for it as a program of distinction. Professors at the College like Michael Throop and Edward Mulholland have contributed to the site in one way or another.

BC Media also has student workers that help with the site’s content and podcasts well as gain internship experience. Along with this Benedictine College Media’s a program of distinction that gives students scholarship money for being a part pf the program.

Like what President Minnis always says we are transforming culture in America, well BC Media can transform it through the aspects of journalism and online commentary.

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