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Lax and the Lord

Members of the Benedictine Men’s Lacrosse team are currently undertaking the Exodus 90 challenge, a 90-day faith-based journey of self-discipline. The challenge, which is rooted in Catholic tradition, encourages participants to focus on prayer, hard work, and self-reflection in order to achieve spiritual growth.   

The team’s spiritual captain was encouraged to take on the challenge after his teammate Jacob Clipperton mentioned it to him. “Clip” was inspired to do so after attending the SEEK conference in early January. After Janke agreed to join, he extended the invitation to two other teammates, Charlie Loree, and Jordan Rodriguez.  

“They seemed to have an attraction to my sacrifice,” Janke said when explaining how he was able to convince more people to join. 

The group of them began the challenge in early January. The team has been incredibly supportive of one another throughout their journey.  

“Exodus 90 Is a commitment to exercise your Christian freedom and to destroy the enslavement of sin,” Janke said. 

Throughout these days they share their experiences, pray together, and hold each other accountable for their commitments. Such commitments include cold showers, fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays, as well as a daily examination of their day. Jordan and his teammates have also used the challenge to strengthen their bond as a team.  

At the end of the 90 days, the group intends to celebrate their accomplishment with a special dinner. During the dinner, each of the participants will share how the challenge has impacted their lives.  

Janke, who serves as the leader of the group, was especially vocal about how the challenge is currently impacting him. He said that the challenge allowed him to reassess his priorities and focus more on his faith.   

“Initially one of my Teammates invited me to do it and you took it as an opportunity to impress a strong Christian girl, now however I am developing a greater appreciation for the struggle,” Janke said. 

The group’s experience with the Exodus 90 challenge has been an overwhelmingly positive one. Not only is it helping to bring them closer together, but it also has allowed each of the participants to gain a deeper sense of self-awareness and spiritual growth. 

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