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Raven pride shown at the Homecoming pep rally

Chants and cheers poured out of the doors of the JPII center as hundreds of students eagerly waited for the Ralph Nolan gymnasium doors to be opened for the Homecoming Week Pep Rally.  

Every year, as part of the Homecoming Festivities, the College Activities Board, or CAB, hosts a Pep Rally to hype up the student body and host a variety of competitions for the dorms to compete in to gain points for the larger Homecoming dorm competition.  

To kick off the event, CAB invited the band to perform a series of songs to rouse interest in the event. Following the band, the cheer team took center stage leading the crowd in a variety of cheers. The surprise of the opening act came when the basketball team followed the dance team out onto the court, entertaining the crowd in a riveting dance routine.  

Representatives from each dorm then competed in an obstacle course that consisted of a variety of challenges from walking with a balloon between ones leg to each dorms team being required to form a human table.  

Between obstacle course heats, CAB announced the 2022 Homecoming Courts for each grade and the freshman, sophomore and junior prince and princess. During halftime at the football game on Saturday, October 29, the 2022 Homecoming King and Queen were announced.  

“It was super fun especially as an RA it was so great watching all of the Scholastica girls,” said junior class princess Katie Geist. “Being with all of my friends on the court with all of my friends who gave me a hug afterward was so much fun.” 

After anxious waiting, the time arrived for much anticipated dorm lip sync battle. Over the course of the week, each dorm choreographed and rehearsed a thematic dance. Performing for their peers and a panel of judges, each dorm was judged on a variety of factors from their choreography to their ability to lip-sync the songs. In what some deemed as a surprised, the  Cray-Seaberg and St. Joseph Hall team proved victorious for their Canadian influenced performance.  

For Turner Hall resident and lip-sync participant freshman Matt Meyer, competing for his dorm proved to be an exhilarating experience, even though his dorm failed to fall in the top three. 

“The crowd’s response to not only our performance, but everyone else’s was what made it one of the best experiences since I’ve been on campus,” said Meyer. “I can’t put any other way than this – it was good fun and it was hype!” 

With the highly contested lip-sync battle behind them, students poured out of the gymnasium enthusiastic about the rest of the week to come.

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