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Overwhelming attendance at Mousational Podcast Halloween Party

Trivia and raffles haunted the legacy lounge on Halloween night from the new Disney podcast Mousational. Hosted by three benedictine students, Noah Steenbergen, sophomore, Scotty Smeltzer, sophomore, and John Cybulski, senior, this party propelled their podcast to new heights. 

A costume contest was also held where Ben Maruco, senior, claimed first place where he dressed as Heather McNamara from the cult classic musical, “Heathers.” For the raffle, Calvin Farrell received the final prize. 

Other notable characters who came to the event were Lillian Manuel, junior, as Azula from “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” John Patrick, sophomore, as Captain Jack Sparrow, Hayden Schawang, junior, as President Minnis during Covid, and Josh Newton, senior, as the Hat Box Ghost. 

“I had a wonderful time, only the finest, most luxurious service was served here tonight.” Said Schawang. “I highly would recommend subscribing to Mousational on Spotify.” 

“I was overwhelmed by the amount of people that showed up tonight,” Steenbergen said. “I am very happy and very tired but my heart is very full.” 

This new Disney podcast covers everything Disney related, from the movies to the shows and even the parks. Their episode, “Mousational Episode 4: The Haunted Mansion,” just dropped before this event.  

“I loved seeing all the costumes everyone came in,” Cybulski said. “I think it helped to grow awareness for our little podcast and I think everyone had a good time.” 

You can find Mousational on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Apple Music. Steenbergen said that everyone should look out for more events next semester to come and that they will be, “bigger and better.” 

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