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The haunts of Benedictine

From lights flickering in Memorial Hall, to ghost-sightings in McDonald to the creepy corridors of Cray Seaberg’s basement. Benedictine College can seem spooky as the October leaves scurry along the sidewalks and the days get shorter and colder.  You might see a deranged figure ambling along the main drive in the wee hours of the morning, but don’t worry that’s just an architecture student returning home for the night. Yes, there might be hot dogs in bushes and on the steps and bread stapled to trees, but let’s be honest, that’s more weird than creepy.  

While there may be frights around every corner here at BC, here are some practical tips to keep your heartrate at a normal level this spooky season:  

  1. Replace your lightbulbs often and before they get flickery.  
  1. Take a buddy with you when strolling the streets of Atch at night.  
  1. Double check behind the shower curtain. 
  1. Enroll in a karate class. 
  1. Keep your contact prescription up to date. 
  1. Always carry a phone or flashlight or a rosary.  
  1. Sleep under your bed, so as to surprise the monster that lives there. 
  1. Keep 3am adventures to a minimum. 
  1. Be wary of masked men. 
  1. Listen to true crime podcasts on your daily run to build up your terror tolerance.

Campus may have some ‘haunted’ places, but perhaps what will haunt us years from now is the memories of laughter and light that graced every walkway, hallway, sidewalk, and yes, even the creepy corridor.  So fear not during this spooky month of October; instead let’s make the most of our time here. 

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