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Look out for Atchison’s Haunted Trolley Tour

In the rural streets of Atchison, Kan., we see cold smoggy nights and fall leaves brushing along the outskirts of the small mysterious town. The month of October is a spooky time for the town, as the haunted attractions become very popular.  

According to Projects coordinator Mary Jane Sowers, Haunted Trolley rides have been happening for the past 12 years. 

“The Haunted Trolley rides sell out every season and tickets go fast. Tickets also start selling in early August. Halloween is another busy sold-out event,” Sowers said. 

The guides take their guests all over Atchison. They begin the tour at the Oak Hill Cemetery. The main narrators tell ghost stories along with the history of Atchison.  

The main attractions are Jackson Park and the Sallie and Gargoyle House; it ends at Block 56. The Trolley changes locations by actively exploring different mysterious locations for haunted and thriller enthusiasts.  

Ninety percent of out-of-town visitors come for the fun haunted tours Atchison presents. Many visitors come from all over including Kansas City, Weston, Topeka, and Nebraska. 

The other 10 percent are the local citizens of Atchison who enjoy taking their family and friends on the Trolley Tours, making memories to remember forever.  

The Haunted Trolley Tours take place every year from September through October. 

The projects Coordinator for the Atchison Area Chamber of Commerce has mentioned the Trolley as a popular tourist attraction. 

 “Atchison is the most haunted town in Kansas; it’s a friendly haunted town,” Sowers said. 

The Haunted Trolley Tours provide a valued friendly atmosphere for the trolley guests. Sowers also booked tours for family reunions for those who have never been to Atchison, Kansas.  

Assistant Director for Chamber of Commerce and Benedictine alumni, Sterling Folk mentioned a new haunted house attraction that was bought recently.  

“Bill Delfs just purchased a house called the Raven Hearse and that will be a new Manor added to the tour,” Folk said. 

The one hour ghost tours will be offered Thursday, Friday & Saturday afternoons for the remainder of October. The tours run from 5-8 p.m. in the evening and leave from the Visitor Information Center Atchison Area Chamber of Commerce 200 S. 10th St. Atchison, KS 66002.  

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