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Sports gambling legalized in Kansas. What to know for BC Students.

Get ready Benedictine, sports betting is coming to Kansas. What do students need to know before becoming involved, what opportunities are now available, and what downsides could result? 

Gambling has been a part of the sports world for decades, but has particularly picked up speed recently with the ever increasing popularity of online and mobile based bets, giving fans the chance to invest in any sport in any place. 

Starting Thursday, Sept. 1, bets on sporting events such as NCAA football, NFL, and the upcoming MLB playoffs can be placed at various casinos in Kansas, for example the Hollywood Casino in Kansas City. 

Along with the casinos fans are also now able to use mobile betting platforms Fanduel, Draftkings, and Caesars Sportsbooks being some of the most popular. 

With the legalization coming to Kansas, for newcomers to the sports gambling scene, many of the top apps and online platforms offer deals and risk-free options for the first use. 

An important thing to know and remember, is that gambling is still only legal if you are 21 years of age.  

Gambling is a very controversial and dangerous field. Some of the dangers to be aware of before you begin sports gambling, is it becoming too time consuming, becoming to invested, and of course the ever present danger of addiction.  

It is important to always be aware of the dangers, but gambling for many people increases the entertainment and enjoyment of sports, it also when done responsibly provides a cheap hobby with a chance to make some money. 

These are all things to be aware of if you are interested in becoming involved in the sports betting world in Kansas starting Sept. 1.   

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