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BSU brings Black History Month to Benedictine College

The Black Student Union members, like Solomon Wallace, junior, are hosting a lineup of activities during the month of February that they hope will increase student interaction. 


“We are a faith-driven club,” BSU President Solomon Wallace said. “We believe in growth and diversity, academics and social services, being as one body with different races and diverse backgrounds and ideologies. That’s what we represent.” 


Over the past two weeks, the club has had a daily dress theme for club members, such as 70s, 80s and 90s attire and dressing like a notable black figure.  


The club recently hosted “Family Feud: Black History Month Edition” in the Westerman Auditorium. 


The club aims to spread education by reading the writings of prominent Black Americans and watching and discussing films and documentaries about Black History.  


The club has celebrated the achievements of Black students at Benedictine College by inviting alums such as Cue Robinson from the Class of 2016 and Kevon McGrew from the Class of 2014 to speak this month. 


BSU has seen exponential growth in the past few years, connecting with the students at Benedictine College by partnering with clubs and other school institutions to help the mission of BSU become as involved in the Benedictine community as possible. And according to Vice President Obediah Lewis, it is all done through personal invites. 


“It really builds a relationship with people on campus and lets them know that we want them to be there,” Lewis, sophomore, said. 


When asked about the prospects of the club, Wallace and Lewis were confident about what is to come for the club. 


“I think it’ll only get better,” Wallace said. 


BSU meets in the Westerman Auditorium at 7:30 p.m. every Thursday night and can be found on Instagram and Twitter @BlackStudentU_. 

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