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Thanksgiving column: It is about family

Family is one of the most important aspects of Thanksgiving. Especially sitting around the dining room table with all your loved ones.  


The past couple of Thanksgivings have never been very celebratory for me since most of my family is spread across all the United States.  


I always spent the holiday with my grandparents who took me home from the hospital and raised me into the young woman I am today. Five years ago, our trio went down to two with the passing of my grandfather. This year, it will be the first one without both of them.  


Throughout my childhood, my grandparents and I had a few Thanksgiving traditions. In the morning, my grandma and I would start to cook the Thanksgiving meal and watch the Macy’s Parade.  


My grandma always made all the dishes from scraps like mashed potatoes and stuffing. Mashed potatoes were always my favorite to make. We peeled the potatoes before mashing them and added water and butter.  


This year, I will be spending Thanksgiving with my best friend and her family. I would consider them my second family.  


They have many traditions that I will soon be introduced to. There is a Thanksgiving Day 4K Turkey trot as well as baking gingerbread cookies the day after. Both of these events will take place at her grandma’s house where the whole family will attend.  


I am extremely optimistic and excited to spend Thanksgiving with my best friend. There is a small part of me that is nervous about the uncertainty and the different atmosphere from previous years.  


I am excited about this change and will embrace the thankfulness of my friends and her family.  

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