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Thanksgiving column: Thanksgiving football

Thanksgiving is one of the best times of the year. It brings together the four F’s for a day: family, friends, food, and… FOOTBALL!  

One year ago, we were still in the heart of one of the worst pandemics to ever hit the face of the Earth. COVID-19 made so many people’s lives different in the worst ways possible.  

 During this time people were told not to participate in their normal family Thanksgiving traditions. even if they didn’t stop watching football. The Washington Football Team took on the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day and that game alone had over 30 million viewers.  

 Since the pandemic started, sports have been the one thing people have used to keep themselves going. The sense of normalcy was slowly starting to come back, and it began to feel like regular sports had returned.  

 Thanksgiving football is such a fun tradition shared by so many and my family is no exception. The viewers took a slight dip in viewership in 2020 from 2019 but I have faith that the viewership will be through the roof this year.  

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