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Thanksgiving column: Parading Thanksgiving

Each Thanksgiving Day, I wake up from my bed and the first thing I see downstairs in the living room is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade on T.V.  


It’s one of those parades that I love watching from start to finish because it’s one of the most eventful things to watch. I would always feel like I am present on the streets of New York City, watching the parade with aw.  


The Rockettes would always begin the parade with twirling to an amazing beat, then lots of performances of Broadway would give sneak-peaks about upcoming shows to astonish the audience. High school and college marching bands run down to Macy Square, blasting the instruments and beating the drums with excitement.  


The floats and balloons are honestly the best part of the parade. I remember my favorite one would usually be Charlie Brown or Ronald McDonald balloons. My mom would enjoy the music artists singing on floats. Sometimes she would glimpse and recognize that they are lip-syncing to the songs rather than actually singing.  


The people holding balloons and who are on the floats always presented smiles to the audience, waving at them and partaking in the sing-alongs.  


I’d always waited for the end so I could see the jolly old man known as Santa. For some reason, Santa brought me and everyone joy because Christmas is right around the corner.  


As well as when I was younger, I believed that he actually was THE Santa Clause himself being present with everyone since not many people would believe in him.  


One thing on my bucket list is to actually go to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade with my extended family since they live less than two hours north of the city. 


I would totally recommend watching the parade if you never have before. You’ll experience something special and exciting before your Thanksgiving meal with the family. 

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