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Thanksgiving column: Feast and football

Thanksgiving is a time for gathering around the table with friends and family and giving thanks for everything you have. This includes all the great times you have had with family and just for life in general.  


My family has had the same tradition on Thanksgiving since I can remember. We go to my dad’s side for lunch, then we go to my mom’s side for dinner. Having two Thanksgiving meals is something I will never complain about.  


Once we get to enjoy the turkey, the stuffing, and my grandma’s mashed potatoes (which I usually eat the whole bowl); we then gather around the living room with full stomachs and enjoy Cowboy’s football.  


Both sides of my family have been Cowboy’s fans for life. Being able to watch the Cowboys with my family is something special. Everyone marks their spots and settles in for the long haul of the game.  


Other than dessert, getting to watch some football with people I love is like the cherry on top for me on Thanksgiving. The Cowboys in recent years have made watching after lunch a little difficult, but it is still fun to see your team play on a national holiday.  


Laying on the couch, conversing, cracking jokes with my family, and sharing this little tradition of Cowboys football is something I’ll always cherish and hold close to my heart. It might not be unique to other Thanksgiving celebrations, but I love it in my family.  


So this Thanksgiving, whether you are at home or away from home, I hope you get to enjoy the little things of Thanksgiving and I hope you eat as much food as you can!

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