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Women’s Lacrosse undergoes changes

Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach Amanda Magee has announced her resignation from her position at Benedictine College. Athletic Director Charlie Gartenmayer announced Magee will be replaced by former assistant coach Clare Hanson. 

  “Her decision to depart was a very difficult one, she has just been a powerful person, who has impacted a lot of kids lives in the time she has been here,” said Gartenmayer. 

 Magee has led the women’s lacrosse program since its founding in the spring of 2015. Since then, she has led the team to every KCAC regular season title and four KCAC tournament titles. 

 Magee played an integral role in developing her players and coaches in her time at Benedictine College. Hanson made note of how she (Magee) helped mentor and groom Hanson over her time with the program. 

 “She was subtly preparing me in different ways, she just allowed me to do a lot. Even when I played, I think she had a lot of trust in me,” Hanson said. 

 Hanson, who has experience at Benedictine as both a player and assistant coach looks to take over as just the second ever head coach the team has had. Senior Natalie Wechter commented on Hanson’s prior experience at Benedictine College and its role in her transition into head coach. 

 “Clare Hanson is absolutely amazing. She knows a ton about lacrosse; she played here. She’s an alumni and now our head coach, so I think we’re all very thankful that we get to play under her,” Wechter said. 

 The women’s lacrosse team emphasized that its goal for the season has not wavered. All eyes are still set on being at the top of the conference and winning the national championship. 

 “As far as future I want stay on top of the conference, keep at the top of the NAIA and win the national championship, we have a good chance this year even,” Hanson said. 

 The women’s lacrosse team kicks off its season Feb. 12 against Missouri Western State University on the road. 


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