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With MLB postseason underway, we asked students questions about who they are rooting for to take home the crown.

Question: Who’s your favorite baseball team and who will win the World Series?

“The Mets and definitely the Mets are going to win.” – Clare Kelley, Sophomore
“My favorite team is the Houston Astros and I think either them or the Rangers have a good shot this year” – Dominic Engbarth, Junior
“The Atlanta Braves are my favorite. I’d like to say they’ll win the World Series. I’ll say the Braves, just having the confidence” – Flynn Higgins, 5th year
“My favorite is the New York Yankees and I have no idea who is going to win, but hopefully the New York Yankees” – Gianna Nagle, Senior
“My favorite team is the Washington Nationals and I think the LA Dodgers will win the World Series” – Liam Waldron, Sophomore
“My favorite team in the MLB is the Royals but right now but for the little bit that I pay attention to, the Cardinals are on a win streak. So, they might have a good shot” – Hailey White, Junior
“My favorite team is the Rockies because I’m from Colorado and I think the Cardinals are going to win the World Series” – Merryn Durant, Senior
“My favorite team is the Minnesota Twins and I think the Astros are going to win the World Series” – Sarah Tarnowski, Senior
“My favorite team is the Royals and probably the Yankees” – Zachary Johnson, Freshman



Interviews and pictures done by Jason Nick and Will Russum






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