The Benedictine Women’s lacrosse team broke a single game scoring record last Saturday with a 30-0 over University of Saint Mary . The Ravens set a new record, but they have higher goals. 

Amanda Magee, head coach for the Ravens, is in her sixth year at Benedictine and describes what a win like this does for team. 

“This shows that you can do anything you put your mind too with a lot of hard work and some perseverance,” Magee said.  

In addition to showing the Ravens (4-1) what it can do, this feeds into the team’s confidence going forward.  

“For us moving forward it really helps build confidence, helps them have the freedom to try new things and to different things,” Magee said.  

The win was also a reminder to keep working hard and to not let things get away from them after a big win as junior Rianna England describes.  

“It definitely gave us encouragement that we can play at our level if even the competition may not be. It was a good reminder that we have to keep pushing ourselves and constantly look at how we improve our own play to get to the national championship in May,” England said.  

This is the third game the Ravens have played so far this year, there is still a full schedule ahead and the team wants to keep their eyes on the prize.  

“Our goals for the rest of the season are simple. Win conference, get to the national tournament, and win the national championship. That has been our athletic goal since the program took its first ever trip to nationals. On a personal level we strive to be our best self at every practice, weight session and game,” England said.  

The team has their goals for the season, Coach Magee has a different outlook for the goals of the season 

“It’s hard to have expectations in a year like this, (they are) make it through this season healthy and with COIVD-19 issues,” Magee said.  

The Ravens play at home against William Penn on March 24 at 4 p.m. at Legacy Field.  

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