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Editorial: The science behind the perfect bracket

The best time of the year is upon us, March Madness. On Sunday, the NCAA Selection Committee selected 68 teams to be a part of the 2021 tournament.

Local teams such as Wichita State, Kansas and Missouri have made the field. Maybe, one of these teams is poised for a national championship, maybe an early exit. Here is how to pick the perfect bracket:

First, the mascots is the easiest way to pick a great bracket. #7 Oregon faces #10 VCU in the first round matchup, the ducks versus the rams. Who wins in a battle between these animals? That’s one way to pick a winner. The Texas Tech Roughriders have to be shoe in for the Final Four if you go this route.

Another way to pick the perfect bracket is by colors.  Is your favorite color yellow? Then you would have one interesting Final Four with #9 Missouri, #1 Michigan, #1 Baylor and #3 West Virginia rounding out the field.

How about this? The coin toss, take each matchup and have the higher seed as heads and the lower seed as tails. Play a coin toss all the way to the national championship and have your winner based entirely on luck. It’s a good way to figure out if all those hours of research were worth it.

I have one lock for this year’s March Madness. #12 UC Santa Barbara will defeat #5 Creighton in the opening round. Why? Because the Jays are my favorite team and always find a way to break my heart in March. Or, maybe by writing this, I have finally reversed my luck.

Nevertheless, enjoy the basketball whether it is in the back seat of your philosophy class or at home. The action never fails!

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