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Two forms of identification requirement at Mueller’s

Mueller’s Locker Room has recently implemented new regulations that require bar patrons to give two forms of identification to be served alcohol. This new regu- lation came in light of there being numerous incidents of underaged drinking, according to Mueller’s employees.

Victoria Krogh, senior, is a bartender at Mueller’s, said it can be an issue.

“It is likely that bars in college towns will always have problems with minors. I think any step to negate this problem is plausible and safer for everyone,” Krogh said.

Minors have begun using better forms of fake IDs that have become problematic for the staff at Mueller’s including Krogh.

“The bottom line is, fake IDs have increasingly become harder to distinguish over time. Seeing as all Benedictine students have a student ID, we surmised that it would be beneficial to use those IDs to authenticate driver’s licenses,” Krogh said.

Tim Lowe, senior, also works at the local eatery on Second Street. He thinks the new rule is
a little overboard, but he under- stands because there were many underage students ordering drinks and coming to the bar.

With the implementation of presenting two forms of identi- fication, this may create a cause of concern that Mueller’s could potentially have a drop in revenue sales, as fewer students are spend- ing money at the bar.

Graduate student, Jack Kandoth believes he has seen a drop in customers.

“The younger people bring a good environment to Mueller’s. You can tell that less underclass man are going,” Kandoth said. “It is definitely different with this new rule.”

Lowe agreed this new rule may even affect students that are of legal age. Krogh, on the other hand, does not believe the new ID rule will hurt sales.

“Most minors are known to sneak in their own alcohol since they’d be more likely to get caught by the bartenders while attempting to purchase drinks. That is a reason we have now disallowed backpacks as well,” Krogh said.

Mueller’s Facebook page posted the following on Jan. 27, “ BC college students… you’ll need two forms of ID to be served alcohol. State ID or passport and college ID. We will not serve minors. Period. Starts immediately.”

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