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The First Pro-Life March in Atchison Kansas

The first ever Pro-Life rally in AtchisonKansas took place last FridayThe march began at St. Joseph Church and ended at the memorial to the unborn in Raven Memorial Park.  

Each year Benedictine College takes approximately 400 students to Washington D.C. for the annual March for Life. However, this year with the march being cancelled, Benedictine College  stepped up to support life in the Atchison community 

Hannah Braun, sophomore, is a Ravens Respect Life Officer and was involved in planning the rally.  

 “We had planned on doing something instead of the March for Life in D.C because of the cancellation and we wanted to do something special on campus to commemorate and pray for life,” Braun said. 

 Braun believed holding a march in Atchison would be beneficial to Benedictine and the town.  

 The March for Life’s usual length is around 2.5 miles from the National Mall to the Capitol Building. To make the Atchison march resemble the one in D.C, the route between St. Joseph Church and Raven Memorial Park is 2.4 miles. 

Cristina Gonzalez, Advisor for Ravens Respect Life helped plan the march alongside other key coordinators. 

“It really was a last minute two week planning of this event and it was an inspiration that we are lucky took off,” Gonzalez said 

 To kick off the rally there was music, followed by a testimonial speech by Luke and Mary Baker. 

Mary Baker, the sister-in-law of Benedictine College Chaplen Father Simon, spoke about how she and her husband chose life for their youngest daughter Patsy. They were offered an abortion when the doctors told them Patsy would have developmental and learning disabilities and she would not live long. They turned that offer down over and over again.  

 Patsy is now four years old. She does have disabilities but she is alive and healthy.   

 “For those who are faced with a difficult pregnancy, weather you are too young, single, broke, weather the child is going to be healthy or if you are told the child won’t live, God calls us to do and to act, and not to back down from that opportunity and challenge to help shape you,” Baker said. 

 Sara Pavlyak, a sophomore at Benedictine tells her view on Atchison hosting the rally.  

 “I think the march locally is a great way to come together and support life and hopefully after having this march, we can start doing this every year for those who cannot make it to the bigger rallies elsewhere,” Pavlyak said. 

 To stay up to date or get involved with the Pro-Life movement visit Ravens Respect Life on the Benedictine College website.  

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