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Benedictine College’s SGA provides quarantine solutions

As of Friday, Sept. 18, 5 students on Benedictine’s campus are having to quarantine, and there are also students off-campus not being able to join campus activities because of isolation.

The Student Government Association(SGA), teamed up with Student Life to brainstorm ideas on how to help isolated and quarantined students. Mary Claire Aranowski the Vice President of SGA told about their plans that will hopefully be implemented soon.

“A night once a week there will be a link that any isolated or quarantined students can click on and there will be someone available on zoom to talk to those students, just so they have another place of support,” Aranowski said.

SGA also has a way to reach out to quarantine students via social media. They post a suggestion box on their Instagram story on Fridays so that, over weekends, people can say if they have needs that need to be met. 

Brooke Barringer, a junior this year, had to be in isolation for 10 days at the Quality Inn hotel in Atchison. She tells about how this plan that has been thought of by SGA and Student Life could make a positive impact.

“I was lucky enough to be able to have friends and family to facetime during my time away, but I think that having the option to get in contact with someone from the school via zoom is a great idea especially if there are students who don’t have anyone else to talk to,” Barringer said.

Liliana Pokropski the President of SGA gives some insight into the upcoming events that SGA will be putting on. SGA will be hosting a socially distanced Club Fair on campus on Sept. 17.

“We will hopefully be able to have the Fair streamed on social media for those who are in quarantine, or those unable to attend,” Pokropski says.

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