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Quarantine checkouts at Benedictine College

Community is one of Benedictine College’s foundations, and the COVID-19 pandemic has impeded the physical aspect of this pillar in 2020. 

Notably, the college has closed all residence halls and advised students to remain at home, especially if they come from high-risk states like CA., NY and CO. Students stuck at home have wondered how they will retrieve their belongings from their residence halls.   

The office of Residence Life has issued a series of instructions on the Response to the Novel Coronavirus webpage so that students can begin to check out of their rooms.   

The residence halls closed on Mar. 22, and students have until May 16 to request a checkout date.    

The form to request a checkout date is here.   

Upon clicking the link, students are asked to enter their card number, their residence hall and room number, and a date that they can return to campus. The Residence Director of the respective houses will review the applications and alert the students if they have been accepted.   

Lucas Hoffman, a Residence Assistant for the Legacy Apartments, told the Circuit that access to campus is limited to avoid the risk of spreading the virus.   

The checkout process has been limited for students’ convenience.    

“So, as an RA I know that the checkout has been modified. I doubt they’ll be too picky or detail-oriented,” Hoffman said.   

Student residents are required to remove all food from their room, turn off the heat, give the room a quick once-over cleaning, and to keep the blinds drawn.    

“The RD’s will be working the checkouts; the RA’s are not on campus,” Hoffman said.   

Hoffman suggests students coming from high-risk states talk to their Residence Directors if they cannot make it to campus by the May 16 deadline.  As of publishing, there are no known facilities for these students to store their personal effects off-campus.   

For answers to questions, please contact the Student life office at 913.360.7500, or check their COVID – 19 FAQ page.     

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