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Music Department plans for the remaining semester

As Benedictine College has moved its classes to online due to COVID-19, certain departments requiring performances for graduation now have to adjust requirements for their students, including the Music Department.  

The Music Department has already decided on how they plan to address their performances and classes. Dr. John Paul, chair of the department, addressed the plan in an email sent to students involved in music programs. 

“We have been learning much from our colleagues at other schools and working within the guidelines given by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM), the association that accredits the music program,” Dr. Paul said.  

Music majors do a jury examination at the end of the semester, requiring a performed performance in front of the music faculty. Since all public performances have been canceled for the semester, the department will grade them based on a recorded jury examination.  

Senior jury recitals will also be recorded for the faculty. All noon recitals for majors and non-majors have been canceled. 

 All ensembles will be meeting online over video communications, including private lessons. 

Choir Director, Timothy Tharaldson, talks about his students and his further plans over email.  

“I miss you all [students] and I would give anything to be in the same room as you making music again, but alas, it isn’t an option right now,” Tharaldson said. 

Tharaldson is having his students record themselves singing for his class and presenting choral compositions to them over videoconferences.  

Though the music department cannot train students in their preferred way, they are taking on the challenge and reaching out to their students. 

“We miss making music together, but the faculty and students have all been flexible and creative,” Dr. Paul said. 

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