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Last Minute Spring Break Ideas

Spring break begins in less than a week, and no matter what you are planning over break, the week away from classes could provide ample opportunity to relax and prepare for the final stretch of the school year. 

As students look forward to getting away either on mission trips or vacations around the US, some will no doubt find their trips home less than interesting or perhaps stressful. 

So, for every student looking for a fun time close to Benedictine, here are some ideas for consideration.   

St. Louis – Missouri   

The St. Louis Skyline – Photo by Alexander Schettino from Pixabay

Though the Gateway to the West is not known for Spring Break parties, there are plenty of other activities to keep tourists active.  Take a trip up to the top of the Gateway Arch and then visit the Museum underneath the monument.  Experience part of American history by visiting the historic Grant’s Farm, once owned by President Ulysses S. Grant.  Or, if you would prefer to spend the day meeting new animal friends, visit the St. Louis Zoo, home to over 18,000 animals.   For a wild ride, visit Six Flags St. Louis, one of the biggest theme parks in Missouri.   

Trip Savvy: Planning a St. Louis Trip 

Wichita – Kansas 

The Keeper of the Plains Statue – Photo from kansastravel.org

A few hours south of Atchison is Wichita, home to small-town attractions for your interest.  Examine pieces of modern sculpture along downtown and the riverfront.  Visit the Wichita Art Museum for examples of modern and Native American Art.  A few minutes away from Wichita is Hutchinson Kansas, home to the Cosmosphere and The Strataca Salt Mines Museum.  

Kansas City – Missouri  

Union Station – Photo by David Mark from Pixabay

Kansas City is home to a number of museums and attractions, from the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art to the historic Union Station and adjoining Crown Center.  For a look into recent American history, visit the American Jazz Museum, the Steamboat Arabia, or the Harry S. Truman Historic Site.  Explore Downtown Kansas City on a Walking Tour, or, for students over 21, tour Boulevard Brewery and sample some of Kansas City’s finest beers.   

Just Want to Stay Home and Relax? 

If you haven’t budgeted for spring break, or just want to go home and remain indoors, don’t waste time.  Though you don’t have to be productive, you should remain active so you can be prepared mentally and spiritually for next semester.   

If you are trying to avoid physical activity, here are some suggestion for the break.   

The Call of the Wild 

In time for the recent adaptation starring Harrison Ford, The Call of the Wild is the classic adventure tale of a dog returning to his ancestral life as a wolf, set amidst the Klondike Gold Rush in 1890.  


On March 6th, Disney/Pixar will release their next film, fantasy/comedy Onward, starring Chris Pratt and Tom Holland as brothers setting out to find their father.   

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