Spring break is approaching for students at Benedictine College. Before they leave campus to go home, they must complete the infamous midterm exams.   

The tests will be given the first week of March and students are already starting to prepare. Junior, Brenden Nowack, has already began studying. 

Study Plans 

“I’m excited to go home for spring break,” Nowack said, “but ending the midterm exams on a high note is at the front of my mind right now.”  

He plans to start studying three days in advance before each exam. Nowack says that studying in groups is the most beneficial way for him to study.  


Junior, Sierra Kenney, commented on how she likes to study.   

“I like to go somewhere that is very quiet and secluded. I can’t have sound,” Kenney said, “for my accounting exams, I have found it useful to rewrite the problems. For other classes, I have found that reading a chapter a night before the exam helps a lot too.” 

Spring Break 

The Ravens will be given March 7-16 off for spring break, then they will start the second half of the semester on the 17th.