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A shift to a student-free Scholarship Ball

By McKenna Elder

Each year, Benedictine College has a large fundraiser in Kansas City, called the Scholarship Ballwhich is for the alumni, donors and parents. However, there are some unexpected changes to this year’s event that not everyone is pleased about.  

 The Event 

This fancy event begins with dinner and a few keynote speakers, such as President Stephen D. Minnis and possibly a selected studentThere is music and dancing, and once the dinner and speaking portion of the evening is finished, traditionally, current Benedictine students come and crash the ball. 

 New Policy Change 

It has been a perceived tradition ever since the Scholarship Ball began 20 years ago that the students who didn’t pay for a ticket could come and join in for the music and dancing festivities at the end of the night. That has all changed this year. Now, no students are allowed to crash at the end. If they want to attend, they must pay for a ticket.  

 Student Reactions 

Cecilia Schupp, sophomore member of the campus activities board  who also crashed this event last year – thought that the decision made about the Scholarship Ball this year was quite interesting. 

 “I think that in a way this choice is appropriate because it is such a big event, but because this school is so big on community, it seems odd that the school board wouldn’t allow the students to come and show their spirit towards the event,” Schupp said.  

Since the tickets for this event are around $200, it is unlikely that all the students who were planning on crashing are going to attend now.  

Steven Robertson, sophomore, who also attended the ball last year, saw no bad nature between the students and donors at this special event. 

“Just how the attendees are usually donors, we as students are also donors for the school so it seems as if we should have the right to come at the end, if for no other reason than to show our appreciation for the event,” Robertson said. 

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