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Spiritual Gifts Conference Preview

This weekend, the Evangelization Team within Benedictine College Ministry is hosting its first ever Spiritual Gifts Conference. The conference will begin Friday at 7pm at the Abbey and conclude Sunday at noon in the O’MalleyMcAllister Auditorium. The weekend will consist of talkstestimonies, mass, prayer time and a prayer service.  

The leader of the conference, Senior Jonathan Jesiksays the event is about answering the call that Jesus gave not only to the disciples but to Catholics as well. 

“The Spiritual Gifts Conference is about teaching, equipping, and commissioning people for the commission that Jesus Christ gave to us in the Gospel in this way that Jesus has demanded us to live,” Jesik said. 

The conference will have three main parts to it – teaching about the gifts of the Holy Spirit, equipping the attendees with the knowledge of how to use these gifts, and commissioning the attendees, or in other words sending them forth to use those gifts given from God.  

The talks throughout the weekend will focus on the spiritual gifts themselves and prophetic and healing prayer. Aside from the talks and mass, a healing service with healing and prophetic prayer teams will be offered. Senior Lindsay Young says all of this is will be preparation for the commissioning at the end 

“Everything in the conference is just a buildup and pre-game leading up to the Holy mass,” Young said“After mass, we’re going to have a blessing and commissioning from Father Simon to go and use His gifts for His glory.” 

The leaders of this conference were inspired to host this event not only through their relationship with Christ but also from the Encounter Conference many of them attended early Jan. in Toledo, Ohio.  

“At the conference, we just got to hear so much about the power that God has for us,” Young said. “We just wanted to share that message with other students on campus.”  

With this being the first Spiritual Gifts Conference at Benedictine CollegeJesik hopes that students will come and experience the Lord in a powerful way. 

“My prayer is for the people who come to this conference to takeaway a greater zeal for the gospel and a greater zeal to spread the gospel with a maturity and a confidence in the divine sonship that we have through Jesus Christ,” Jesik said. 

Attendants can register online for $10 through Friday, but preferably should register by Thursday hereScholarships are also available through the online registration. 

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