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2020 Spring Transfers Welcome Benedictine Values

Transfers In 2020 

Benedictine’s Spring semester in 2020 has arrived with a mix of returning students and several new transferring students. 

Jon KrebsbachDirector of Transfer Enrollment, said the total number of transfers this semester was twenty-two, including four freshmen and eighteen students of a higher grade.

These students transferred to Benedictine for a variety of reasons, like a desire for close community and academic challenges 

Benedictine Transfer Homepage 

Academic Desires 

Mathew King, freshman, transferred to Benedictine from Ave Maria University for academic reasons.    

(Ave Maria) didn’t actually have a computer science program,” King said. “I was planning on coming here after a year, but I did a semester there and I was kind of ready to come here.  I really wanted to get into computer science as fast as possible.”   

King’s family members work at Ave Maria University, and moving on to a new college was part of his plan. King wanted a chance to move into the world more.   

Ave Maria is a small town, and there’s not that much to do.  Atchison is not a large town either, but it has stuff, like a movie theater. Ave isn’t that exciting,” King said.    

Despite his academic reasons for transferring, King still enjoys the Benedictine community.   

“It’s great. I like the community of students here. It’s a lot more welcoming, I think, even though I transferred in halfway through, King said.    

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Benedictine Community 

A sense of community on campus is one of the many attractions at Benedictine College, and Julia Stromick, junior, was one of them. She had an emphasis on faith and people when looking for schools to attend. 

“I had been looking at Benedictine since senior year of high school. I wanted a smaller school with an emphasis on faith,” Stomick said. 

Benedictine’s small size was part of Stomick’s decision to join.   

“The schools in California are also really big, even the Catholic ones. Since I’ve been here, I’ve noticed that its easier for professors to get to know students,” Stomick said. 

Stomick said she sees Benedictine as a new adventure to be conquered.   

“I like that Benedictine was far away because it would be a new experience,” Stomick said.   

Girl reading on a bench
Julia Stomick enjoying her first semester at Benedictine College. Photo by John Ward
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