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HER Week: Sadie Hawkins appreciation

In honor of Sadie Hawkins Day, Benedictine College celebrated with HER week. 

Her week stands for His Economic Relief.

2019 was different because of two new added elements. HER week began with a new wine and cheese night, along with new traditions for the HER date auction. 

The Her Date Auction was held on Nov. 14, and unlike last year, both ladies and men could attend.

“I feel like a lot of guys last year were like ‘What?! We can’t come to this? We want to see what this event is like.’” Erusha said.

Participation was open to everyone and Alexander Ockenfels, a student, was the auctioneer.  

Liam Blackwell, a member of the HER Week Committee, provided some advice for people who may be uneasy about participating in the HER auction.  

“Just be open to people, you know,” Blackwell said. Understand that you never know that the person you’re called to be with could be right there.” 

Blackwell has participated in HER week. He went on a date with Caroline Weis, a recent graduate of Benedictine College, and are still together as of today.  

Blackwell emphasized to people, “Just always be open.” 

“It’s not that intimidating as it seems,” Blackwell said. “Everyone kind of understands that it can be an uncomfortable situation. So, we all make it cool for each other.” 

 The week ended with a dance where the ladies purchase tickets and invite men 

 The HER Week Committee Lead, Angela Erusha, explained that the week aims to let the ladies help out the men on campus. 

 “Chivalry is a big thing, and everyone plays on that,” Erusha said. “So, kind of flipping it and being like, ‘No, thank you!’”

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