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Aramark in Midst of Change at Benedictine College

Aramark provides food services to more than 400 colleges including Benedictine College. Questions were raised as to the dining options on and off-campus, the limitations and extent of food plans, and the options provided by varying menus at a recent Town Hall meeting.  

The meeting was coordinated by the Student Government Association and included a section open to questions from the audience. 

Following the introductions, student government representatives and their fellow students were permitted to offer suggestions and ask questions of the panel of Aramark employees.  

One student drew attention to the lack of meatless options in the cafeteria on Fridays, a weekday on which many Catholics abstain from meat, and inquired if something could be done to improve the situation.  

In response, Chef Luke Pollum stated that he and his associates strive to be conscious and assistive to the Catholic culture which is such a big part of Benedictine College. Pollum also said he would look into adding more meatless opportunities in the cafeteria on Friday menus. 

Trent Ryan, the region marketing director at Aramark whose jurisdiction includes Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas, voiced that Aramark is currently in the midst of a host of modifications in the food services offered at Benedictine. 

The new director, Adam Baker, was another supporter in doing what they could to offer better services and products. He noted that students’ feedback functions as one of the primary ways in which Aramark can continue to work toward the improvement of their services. 

“We’re working for you guys,” Baker said at the Town Hall meeting. “We’re here to serve you. Any questions you have, please bring them forward to me.”  

The food service director further disclosed his openness to office visits or questions whenever students may see him around campus. 

Later, when asked about upcoming solutions, Adam Baker told The Circuit that Aramark is presently looking into providing students with a C Store. This would potentially offer a number of regular commodities, especially food options, to students at a close, convenient outlet. Additionally, Aramark is looking into providing alternate options for Benedetto’s evening menus as well as offering all-day coffee access at Holy Grounds. 

According to one Aramark official, it is believed the current contract between Benedictine and Aramark will be up in 2021. 

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