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Fall break: missionaries and students serve

In 2019, one of the largest groups of missionaries and students went on five different fall break mission trips. 55 men and women served on mission trips to Christ the King School Sisters, Trek to the Rockies, Christ in the City, A Simple House, and Missionaries of Charity 

Domestic Mission Trip Coordinator, Cassie Coyle, said the trips were successful based on statements from missionaries.

The group with Christ in the City helped other stationed missionaries in Denver, CO. serve the poor. Coyle commented on their actions near the end of the trip.  

“I had a couple people tell me that [they] didn’t want to get in the car to come back. They just wanted to stay with the missionaries,” Coyle said. 

However, the Trek to the Rockies (CO.) did not accomplish its main goal to summit a mountain due to weather and illness.  

Whether the mission trip was successful or not, Coyle stressed the importance for students to attend.  

“It’s to see how unimportant we are in the grand scheme of things, but how important that is to understand,” Coyle said. 

When we understand our role in life, we become a “life-long missionary.”  

“Being a missionary doesn’t mean going 1,000 miles around the world. Being a missionary is just loving Christ, and mission trips are just one way to do that,” Coyle said. 

The next opportunity to attend a mission trip is during Spring Break. Openings are still available for some domestic and international trips. 

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