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Home is temporary

As a body-soul composite, we are human. Beautiful and corrupted in our world, yet still human. Existing gives opportunity and inspiration surrounds us.  

The ability for a human to exist and prosper exactly where they are is difficult, so we set goals.  

I set goals.  

I yearn for life to create on my own. “Home is where we intentionally exist and want to return. 

Physically, we can travel to a place and pour our souls out. Home is comfortable. There is no one “home”, it’s a life filled with many of them.  

 Home isn’t always a place we enjoy. Positive or negative, we were formed somewhere. It may be the multiple schools attended or the lessons learned from neighbors. It is a place where childhoods are remembered.  

However, home is temporary. No matter the previous experiences, we create a future home. Some are planned with children running around the kitchen. Others are filled with coffee to keep us awake for a deadline, that’s me, and probably another cup for good measure. The point is, we are creating and existing in different homes throughout life. If it wasn’t for the lessons learned in grade school all the way to 2019, I wouldn’t be able to appreciate my previous, crazy homes.  

My favorite home is my grandma’s house. I can run away from the daily hassle of life without moving my feet. The smell of green beans and rotisserie chicken jump through the air before dinner. This home puts me in a resting state with no judgment. Here I have painted with my emotions through painful separations.  

Older age and school rob my life. But this robber was smart. He made me work hard and aspire for more, so when I return home, I rest thankful.  

To celebrate our current home is a chance to embrace those around you, those you pass but don’t speak to. Existing with these “familiar strangers” connects us as a student body.  

As a senior, I have learned these faces you recognize or don’t, you may never see again. Existing in a home filled with faith and love radiating in others is passed to the world of chaos and hate. My current home has taught me to find love in a dying world, to take a part of my heart and leave it here to prosper.   

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