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Tartan tells the Tale

The Raven Store is now selling the new Tartan print, a branded merchandise for Benedictine College.

Previously the school has used a generic black and red plaid for merchandise and wanted something special to the college.

Sue Durkin, an assistant of President Minnis, and Amy Nell, Benedictine’s Creative Director, worked together to create the design. Amy Nell discussed the design of the Tartan.

“We wanted everything to have a meaning for Benedictine,” Nell said. “We wanted to showcase our four pillars and community, faith, and scholarship, and that our school was consecrated to Mary, along with our two founding schools.” 

President Stephen D. Minnis said the process took 15 months due to designing and choosing the desired pattern.

“When you are registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans, that means this is unique to Benedictine College,” President Minnis said. No one else can use this Tartan.” 

Pam Kuckelman, manager of the Raven Store, has seen a lot of students, parents, and alumni excited about the new merchandise.  

“In the college market, plaid is very popular,” Kuckelman said. A lot of our students like the preppy look, so they can reach out and add some of our Tartan or plaid to have that prep look and it links it back to the school.” 

Since receiving the newly designed products, students have asked for Tartan designed coats or flannel shirts, which Kuckelman said would be expensive for the students. 

“If it’s custom of made like that, you have to order the fabric, have it shipped from Scotland, then you have to find somebody in the US who can sow the garments,” Kuckelman said. 

Merchandise is available in the Raven Store and online.

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