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The Dastardly traps around Benedictine College

This plague upon Atchison, KS has been a grueling one. They are everywhere, waiting, spinning their traps of utter chaos around the town for those unlucky souls who unknowingly and unwillingly walk into them. 

This reign of spiders and their webs have been wreaking havoc on Atchison for ages and unfortunately, they have found Benedictine’s campus the hotspot for victims to fall into their dastardly traps.  

With so many students slugging their books around returning from a hard day of classes and homework, the spiders knew their webs would only further to ruin the days of these pitiful students.  

However, the question must be asked, where did these sly cretins come from? This foul infestation surely did not arise out of pure happenchance. These eight-legged creatures came about by some means or another. 

The first thought many have is that this is some punishment from God, but that simply cannot be true. Benedictine has been an infallible institution, with only good coming from the college. There has never been a point in time where the college had a reputation as a “party school.” 

While these critters could have been brought from the chemical leak of 2017, we will never know why they choose to roam Benedictine College, so look out.  

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