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Matt Moore fills in for Patrick Mahomes: “A respectable performance”

An unpredictable game for the Kansas City Chiefs turned out to be a well-fought loss to the Green Bay Packers 31-24, as quarterback Matt Moore started. Filling in for injured MVP Patrick Mahomes, Moore was able to step up and perform when needed. 

Along with the support of his team and prior points from Mahomes, Moore helped produce a win against the Denver Broncos the previous week.

After Mahomes knee injury during the Broncos game, Moore was called in with the Chiefs leading 10-6. His first throw fell short to running back Damien Williams behind the goal line. By the end of the game, Moore contributed one 57-yard touchdown to wide receiver Tyreek Hill in the third quarter, with 10 of 19 passes completed. 

Head Coach Andy Reid commented on his performance in a post-game interview against the Broncos. 

“Whatever direction this goes, were good,” Reid said. “Matt did a nice job of stepping in there.”

Moore was able to walk away with a 30-6 win against the Broncos. After reports announced Mahomes would not play against the Packers, fans were skeptical about Moore’s upcoming performance. As the Chiefs planned to play the Packers with a reliable quarterback, they now walked in with a backup who hadn’t seen the field since 2017. This even led fans to purchase shirts stating, “Mahomes can have my knee (and my ankle too)”.  

Moore addressed his preparation in the post-game interview against Green Bay.

“In my mind I was preparing to play, and that’s how I went through the week,” Moore said.

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous but I think that’s natural.”

During week eight, what started with a 14-0 lead in the first quarter by the Packers, was turned around by Moore with a scoring pass to tight end Travis Kelce in the second. 

Perhaps tips from Mahomes allowed him to relax as the game progressed, discussed in the same post-game interview. 

“I told him, ‘don’t hold anything back, you be you’ and he came to me with some stuff and was excellent all night,” Moore said.

“I’m always learning, especially from a guy like that.” 

Passes from Moore to notable players including Kelce and Hill, allowed Harrison Butker to score a field goal, taking the lead 17-14 in the second quarter. 

In the fourth quarter after a long pass to wide receiver Sammy Watkins, running back Damien Williams scored on a handoff from Moore, advancing the Chiefs 17 to 24. Overall, Moore completed 24-of-36 attempts with 267 yards total, including two touchdowns. 

Reid commented on Moore’s performance in the post-game interview against Green Bay

“For him to come out and do what he did tonight, I thought that was a respectable performance,” Reid said. “He battled and made some plays for us.” 

Aaron Rodgers was hard to compete with, and touchdowns from a 67-yarder to Aaron Jones and an incredible sidearm to Jamaal Williams proved it. Rodgers completed 23-of-33 attempts, with 305 yards total.

Along with strong defense and key plays from Kelce, Hill, and Mecole Hardman the chiefs provided support for Moore, which is exactly what he needed.  

Reid agreed, as stated in the post-game interview against Green Bay.

“I’m proud of our guys for their effort, we played hard and aggressive. When two good teams play each other, a turn over here or there will happen,” Reid said.

Moore certainly isn’t breaking records for Kansas City, but his effort and positioning to keep the team above water allows fans to breathe a little easier during recovery time for Mahomes. He did exactly what was expected. 

Both comments were stated in the post-game interview against Green bay

“In any game it’s never as good as you think, it’s never as bad as you think. That stands true with everybody,” Moore said. “We’ll move forward.”

“He’s a sharp guy and he’s tough, so he’s going to battle for us,” Reid said. 

The Chiefs play the Minnesota Vikings this Sunday, Nov. 2. 

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