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Maria’s Mexican Restaurant: liquor license rumors set straight

The previous owner of Maria’s Mexican Restaurant in Atchison, KS has recently passed and while this is a tragedy for manager Amanda Rodriguez and employees, it is affecting business as well.

The recent owner held the restaurant’s liquor license, which allowed them to sell their hottest attraction, margaritas. Rodriguez said this has impacted the restaurant’s profit and “business is slower than usual”.

Photo by Elexis Thom

“People want margaritas and we don’t have it, there’s nothing we can do until the state gives us our license,” Rodriguez said.

To obtain the new liquor license, the employees and current manager are waiting on documents to be processed by the state, including paperwork and documentation.

The current owner will obtain the liquor license and has provided previous employees along with new hires the opportunity to apply.

“When the new owner came in they felt bad for the old business, everybody had lost their jobs,” Rodriguez said.

After consideration, along with the pressures of renewing the business, they chose “the best of both teams”.

Rodriguez said their customer flow consists of half students, half Atchison residents, and they are seeing less of each every day.

“It’s kind of hard for everybody but its just a process that no one can help,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez predicts the liquor license will be completed in the next few weeks and margaritas will be served again soon.

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