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What kind of VSCO Girl?

VSCO is a photo editing app that allows you to edit and filters photos. The app also allows users to create profile pages where they can share and re-share photos with other users. 

For many users, VSCO has become more than an app with photo filters; It has become a lifestyle.

The youtube collage video below shows some of the most popular videos, accurately describing your typical VSCO girl.

With users setting their profiles to different ‘themes’ based on their personal favorite filter, users are establishing a personal brand as to who and what they represent.

In recent months, users have taken to social media to launch the “VSCO Girl” starter pack (see filter C1). 

Regardless of whether users fit the C1 description, there is space within the app to live into other filters’ stereotypes. This poses the question: What VSCO girl are you?

A6 – Highly Contrasted

A6, you are the night owl of the bunch. You photograph the most pictures with flash and love the extra pop the brightness provides to your friends’ looks. You most likely have a neon sign or artistic quote on your wall that really establishes your neo-noir vision. While your shadows sometimes give off an air of mystery, we all know you’re a softie at heart. Keep the contrast, A6.

B5 –Black and white

B5 ladies, you know exactly what you want. While people may view your black and white filter as boring, you want the focus to be on the subject rather than the color. You are highly logical and prefer late night philosophical conversations to a night on the town. Strangers can find you watching documentaries and reading historical biographies while you contemplate the modern interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. Be your self, B5.

C1 – Highly Colorful

So you’re a C1 girl, better known as the typical “VSCO girl.” You most likely have a scrunchie on your wrist and as you turn the pages of this paper, your multiple friendship bracelets fall as you take a sip from your Hydroflask. You live life in full and vibrant color! Traveling the world is your love language with the bright blue skies and wispy clouds. Not to mention, your stickers lining your laptop document every trip along the way. Keep the color, C1 girl.

M5- Warm Tones

My fellow M5 ladies, you are the old soul of VSCO. On Saturday nights, you can most likely be found at a poetry reading or jazz lounge, sipping on your martini and enjoying the finer things in life. Your closet is full of vintage dresses, high-waisted jeans, and funky hair ties. And do not even get me started on your library, you got style and brains. Capture that golden hour glow, M5 baby. 

P5 – Blue Tones

P5, you are the true chiller of the mix. You draw out the blues and sea-scape any chance you get. You were most likely on your high school swim team, live near the ocean or enjoy the color blue. You grew up not only watching Aquamarine, but wishing you could be Aquamarine. Today is your day, P5, to finally be that mermaid. Keep the wavy vibes, P5.


You don’t put yourself in a box. Some days you are bright and highly contrasted, other days you like the warmer tones. Regardless of the filter you choose, you are highly individual and value your pictures for what they are, not the theme they produce. You are a good listener and you know how to approach each situation objectively, providing the correct help required, just like your filters.

None of them

You may be asking yourself: What is VSCO? I have never heard of this photo editing app or I don’t fit into any of these stereotypes. The power in identifying stereotypes is we become more empowered in who we are when we notice both our similarities and unique traits that may not fall into the said stereotype. 

I cannot tell you how many people I have seen take a picture, be unsatisfied with the outcome and yell: “Put a filter on it.” 

When we filter our lives we miss the point of capturing the moment in the first place. Filters should enhance the artistry of the photograph, not detract from the reality already captured. 

While many influencers try to brand their way of life into a perfectly packaged product, for many young people this is not a reality. We all live into stereotypes at different points. However, it is our choice whether we choose to allow the stereotypes to define us into who we are. 

Throw a filter on it if you must, but do not let that become the lens through which you view your life, VSCO girl.

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