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Family Weekend 2019: Making the Raven Family a little bigger

Benedictine College hosted their annual Family Weekend on Sept. 20-22, with many families coming into Atchison, KS to visit their students, and enjoy a few days of fun and activities.

Senior Grayson Feist loves being able to spend time with family for the weekend.

“It’s always been a time for us just to all hang out together,” Feist said. “I get to share Benedictine with them and it’s really just the best experience.”

Family Weekend has not only gave students a chance to see their family, but also give their family a chance to meet their peers. Gus, one of Feist’s brothers, has enjoyed that aspect.

“It’s really cool to see all the other college guys, just spend time with them,” Gus said. “I get meet new people and make new memories.”

The first night families came together for trivia, then danced to music under neon lights.

Following day included the tailgate and football game. Jim Lauterwasser, father of Kyle Lauterwasser, senior, said that’s what family weekend is all about.

“The best part is getting together with all of the students and their families and meeting them and making the connections,” Mr. Lauterwasser said. “That’s always one of the greatest parts of the Benedictine Family Weekend.”

The Lauterwasser Family also lives only an hour away, much more convenient for them to visit. Kyle loves this aspect of Family Weekend.

“I’m truly blessed to see my family on a frequent basis,” Lauterwasser said. “It’s all just kind of a big family aspect of I get meet their parents, their siblings, see where they’re from, their lifestyle, and get to learn more about them. We all get to become united a little bit more.”

Making the world just a little bit smaller is how Family Weekend has impacted students on campus.

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