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Don’t fall asleep yet; This is the best part

I need to begin by telling you I chronically fall asleep while watching movies.

While I have not been diagnosed with narcolepsy, I always succumb to the warmth of the theatre and the droopiness of my eyelids. Each time this happens, my brother turns to me, shakes my shoulder and says: “Don’t fall asleep yet; This is the best part!”

I cannot tell you how many plotlines I have missed because I have fallen asleep, only to wake up for the ending.

Beginning my senior year here feels like the resolution to the infamous plotline we call college.

Senior year is confusing; you have one foot in the college world and one foot in the adult world and the entire ground is shaking nonetheless.

It seems like every week I am reminded I need to make a portfolio for this or finish my application for that.

When you tell people you are going to be a writer they will either laugh at you or look at their toes. They don’t want to say it but they assume you’re going to make no money, which for the most part is true.

No one goes into the business of beauty to make money.

However, there is something about knowing that it is the end that makes you acknowledge beauty, both in the people and the place, more easily.

It is my senior year of college and people are finally learning how to say hello to people they see on the street, people they have known for four years.

As if this is the end, so this is the reason we must finally acknowledge each other’s existence.

Knowing it is the end unites us. Experiencing shaky ground about the future is something we can all agree on. We are all afraid of the unknown.

There is something about imminence that makes you realize you do not have time to not love those around you.

I do believe it being our final year here, we realize we have fallen asleep for the best parts of our lives because we are simply unaware they are the best parts.

I have observed so much unity and love in the beginning weeks of my last year here. It truly heightens my hope.

However, I wonder why it didn’t happen sooner. Perhaps it was the fear of judgement or unnecessary anxiety about the future, but now we know it is the end. We are aware we do not have time for either of those things now, as we probably didn’t the entire time.

To those still living their plotline here, do not wait to notice those around you. There are so many beautiful stories waiting to be told in the back of classrooms and in the elevator if you look up from your phone for a second.

Hopefully, our publication will be able to tell as many of those stories as we can.

Finally, I could use this space on the editorial page to give you my opinions on the world to prove to you I know how to create and defend an argument.

Surely, when it is important, I will share my opinion on things. If you know me, you know I have a lot of them.

However, I will humbly assume you want to hear a better story than that.

This isn’t to say I cannot honor the craft of writing here, but it is to say I am 21 and so young and almost completely clueless about the world outside of this plotline I’ve been writing for the last 21 years.

But I feel as though I do have something to say, if you will listen.

If you read this far, let me spoil the ending for you. You need to wake up, before you miss the best part.

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