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Atchison Public Library Offers More Than Just Books

The Atchison Public Library serves a local destination for relaxing, researching and renting out books and movies. Its services are often used by students and townspeople. One man who frequents the library is Terrance Hawbaker.

In recent months, the institution’s administration has expanded rentals from the typical literary withdrawals to include several unique items such as board games and cake pans.

Kia Boyd, who is in charge of teen services at the library, heads both these endeavors. “A lot of libraries do the cake pans,” said Boyd. “A lot of libraries will rent those out just because they’re kind of expensive.”

Boyd proposed that if someone wants to use a cake pan for a unique, one-time event, the shear price of a cake pan might be a daunting obstacle. Instead, one can simply check out a cake pan for several weeks from the library.

However, Boyd stressed the popularity of the cake pan rental is not as high as the library’s rental services.

“We’ve gotten a ton of really positive responses about the cake pan collection,” Boyd said. “But they’ve only checked out seventeen times since last October. Board games I’ve only had out for three or four months, and they’ve checked out well over a hundred times.”

Hawbaker, now 81 years old, stated he has been a devoted weekly visitor to the library for over two decades. The library serves as an attractive atmosphere for him to sit down and catch up on reading the issues of the day.

He will also take the time to work crossword puzzles there. For Hawbaker, however, the best aspect of the library is the politeness of the staff members.

At the moment, the games include Mad Gab, Scrabble, Exploding Kittens, and Unstable Unicorns among others. Both the cake pans and the games are checked out, like other materials, with a library card. A digital listing of the cake pans can be viewed on the Atchison Public Library’s website.

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