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ROC Week Takeover​, The Beanie Tradition Continues

On Aug. 24th, a line of cars ran from the entry way of campus, down 2nd street, pass the railroad tracks and up the bridge of Atchison, KS as incoming freshmen and transfers made their way into their new home.

ROC leaders led the way beginning on August 24th through August 27th with community, fun activities and speakers to welcome every new student on campus.

 Grayson Feist and Maddie Bruegger, seniors and co-president of Campus Activities Board helped orchestrate ROC week.

“We came up with the theme, which was Dynamic Duos,” Feist said.  “During the summer we wanted to start crafting what we wanted our week to look like”.

Every day the ROC leaders welcomed with excitement the incoming class, they showed their creativity by choosing their own dynamic duos such as Peanut Butter and Jelly to Batman and Robin.

According to Feist, there were many details like the scavenger hunt and ROC groups that made ROC week a phenomenal week.

Each day during ROC week, there seemed to be bad weather, which forfeited activities such as water games from happening this year. However, that didn’t stop ROC fun from happening.

 “My ROC group would have been the ROC leaders and I couldn’t have been more proud of them, it was so impressive to see how hard they were working and all the late nights that we pulled, early mornings of just being loud and enthusiastic,” Feist said.

Gabrielle Lara, Junior from Lodi, California felt so welcomed during ROC week as transfer. Although, she was overwhelmed with two weeks of band, she loved every second of ROC week.

“There’s not a lot of Catholic colleges that have Marching Band, Benedictine just did everything. With the community and scholarship. I had fallen in love with campus. I loved the beanie tradition; I just wish I could have worn my beanie a bit longer because it engaged conversation,” Lara said.

One thing that Gabrielle emphasized most about campus as a transfer was the community and the environment. She is studying Exercise Science and is considering minoring in Psychology. Gabrielle is excited for her journey as a Raven.

Campus Activities Board began their hiring for ROC leaders in the spring. During ROC week, there was so much joy radiated to ROCies from their ROC leaders.

Grayson, four years ago went through ROC week like any other Raven on campus and knew the importance to giving freshmen and transfers advice on issues they may face this upcoming year.

 “Start a schedule now,” Grayson said. “treat college like a 9-5 job so work hard throughout the day so in the evening, you have time for community building, memory making and hanging out with fellow freshmen and upperclassmen”.

Feist emphasized to transfers to get plugged in right away.

“To put yourself out there to what fits your talents and abilities. Jump right in and also, don’t be afraid,” Feist said. 

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