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Benedictine students take advantage of YMCA discount

Tori Sanders, The Circuit

2017 saw renovations and improvements for Atchison’s Family YMCA and Cray Community Center.

2018 has reaped the benefits.

Benedictine students have always enjoyed the opportunity to use the facilities at the YMCA with a purchased membership.

However, an additional perk is all students from the college are able to use the pool for free.

“The biggest advantage for me is that there is a pool, which Benedictine obviously does not have!” said Maddi Langton, senior.

Students who visit the pool are asked to simply sign their name and ID number upon checking in and are free to swim after doing so.

Langton suspects that not many students know about the discount.

Although she knows of several who do take advantage, she would like to see even more of the Benedictine community making visits to the YMCA swimming pool.

“The staff are always very nice and I think they like to see Benedictine students come around,” Langton said.

Henry Schuberg, senior, has been a lifeguard at the YMCA since September and has been able to take advantage of even more perks that the Y offers.

Schuberg not only lifeguards for the pool, but also acts as a swim instructor for classes offered at the Y.

His job offers the perk of a free membership.

“I’m free to use the gym, and anything else that I want, because I work there,” Schuberg said.

His first exposure to the Y was through a Benedictine swimming class that took place before the renovation.

He has been pleased with the changes made over the past year.

“It definitely seems like it’s grown in popularity around town,” Schuberg said. “A lot more people use [the pool].”

Schuberg added that the Y is currently accepting applications for lifeguard positions.

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