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Reigniting casual dating

 Alex Burris, The Circuit

Casual dating is common on most college campus, however it is not as common on Benedictine’s campus.

 The BC Blind Dating Pact was created last Discovery Day in the Spring by a group of girls.

Caitlyn Jacobs, a sophomore, at Benedictine College can be contributed with this idea.

 “I was talking with some friends about how casual dating isn’t really a thing at BC and we figured this was a good way to do it,” Jacobs said.

 Before the dating starts, the pact of girls must draw names to decide who’s setting who up on a blind date.

 The pact was designed to have three main points: to build female friendships, to encourage casual dating and to keep the traditional aspect of dating by guys asking girls out. The thing that is different, is the guy knows the girl will say yes.

  “A lot of people on campus don’t have a ton of dating experience or any at all,” Jacobs said.

 Ryan Werdel, a sophomore, at Benedictine College, has gotten the opportunity to experience one of these dates.

 “The first date was very simple,” Werdel said. “We went to Holy Grounds to get coffee and meet each other for a hour before class.”

 He was surprised about getting asked to go on one of these dates, he had heard some of his friends talk about the pact but never thought he would be asked to go on a date.

 “I support the effort to make dating more casual because this campus tends to be towards the extreme of making dating too serious,” Werdel said.

 The pact normally meets every two weeks to pull names. If you have any questions or are interested in joining  you can contact Caitlyn Jacobs through her school email address at jaco0971@ravens.benedictine.edu.


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