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New clubs to offer unique opportunities for students

Kathleen Storen, The Circuit

Last week, a number of new clubs made their first appearance on campus at the annual club fair.

Among the new student groups on campus are the Education Club, the Pre-Dental Society, the World Youth Alliance and the Club Tennis Team.

These new student-led organizations offer a chance for students to become involved in activities that pique their interest outside of the classroom and in a communal setting.

The first table set up near the entrance of the club fair was the Education Club, spearheaded by Cat Hutchens, senior. In it’s inaugural year, members of the club hope to get education majors out into the community through several different service opportunities.

“What our goal is for the education club, is to become a service oriented club—because our department is ‘educators as builders of community,’” Hutchens said.

Hutchens said they hope to live this out by creating a fund for paying off lunch balances for low income students, tutoring and raising awareness for topics such as suicide prevention which is a prevalent issue in the local high schools.

Another group set on including service into their club mission is the Pre-Dental Society. This club is led by Lily Nacke, junior, this club is the first of its kind on campus.

According to Nacke, their purpose is not only to help students with their resumes, but also give them the chance to reach out to the community.

“What we are trying to do is make a huge difference in the community,” Nacke said. “We are working with Project Smile, so we are hoping to go to Atchison Elementary and talk to the little kids about dental hygiene and why its important to brush your teeth.”

Another club fresh on the scene is the World Youth Alliance.

This club is a non-profit organization that defends the dignity of the human person through culture, education, and advocacy.

Rebecca Bruch, senior and founder of the Benedictine chapter, has several events planned to bring people into the mission of WYA.

“We’ll have a couple movie nights to observe how movies take on some of these topics of dignity and then have a discussion afterwards,” Bruch said. “Then, we’ll have “sippable saturdays” which will be a coffee morning at Holy Grounds to bond. Bolstering good friends is a core understanding of WYA.”

Last but not least, is the Club Tennis Team, started by Stephanie Laures, sophomore.

The team is open to students of all skill levels who are looking to play in a more competitive environment than intramurals.

“We are going to set up matches with [other colleges] and other club teams, and also other people from Benedictine” Laures said. “Whatever level of tennis you are, whether you’ve never played and are a beginner, or you’re advanced, everyone is welcome.”

To learn more about the clubs at Benedictine contact Claire Smeltzer, the Director of Clubs on campus.


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