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Dynamic Catholic nurtures ongoing relationship with Benedictine

By Tori Sanders, The Circuit

The Dynamic Catholic Institute is excited to visit Benedictine College this coming weekend to further grow their relationship with the college.

Emalie Huber, Human Resources Coordinator at Dynamic Catholic, says the quickly growing organization is looking forward to the visit, which will take place from Sunday to Tuesday.

“We’re hoping to get to talk to students about potential employment opportunities and paid internships,” said Huber.

She and Ellen Petersen ’18, who is a member of the Mission Team at Dynamic Catholic, will pass out books and resources after the 4pm Mass on Saturday, as well as the 10am and 8pm Masses on Sunday.

They are looking forward to the opportunity to speak with both students and families throughout this busy Family Weekend.

“We’ll also be having an ice cream info session on Monday night to talk about opportunities at Dynamic Catholic,” Huber said.

After four months with the organization, Petersen said her favorite part about her job is the ability to personally help bring Jesus to people.

She added that because of the higher caliber of individual Benedictine graduates, she would like to see more of a Benedictine presence at Dynamic Catholic in the future.

“Benedictine College and Dynamic Catholic are both really great Catholic organizations, so it’s an obvious match that both would partner together,” Petersen said.

Huber said that they’ve been impressed by their visits to Benedictine thus far.

“You all have been so hospitable to us and we’re appreciative of the opportunity to spend time on campus,” she said.

Posters with a more detailed schedule of their visit will be hung around campus before their arrival on Saturday.

The organization was founded nine years ago by Catholic speaker and author Matthew Kelly. They have been creating and sharing Catholic resources, both in print and online, ever since. Their main office is located just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio.

If interested in a potential career or internship opportunity after their visit, email careers@dynamiccatholic.com and include a resume and cover letter detailing why the mission of Dynamic Catholic appeals to you.

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